What is meant by Modular?

The Modular Brushset is a large set! How to organize this amount of brushes, was a central question for me. From the beginning, i liked the idea of modules, that represent a coherent and logical part of a workflow. My goal was to identify these parts and to make it as easy as possible to filter, select or install/desinstall these modules.

How bundles are used in the Modular Brushset?

Up to version 4.0 i have used prefixes and folders to organize the set. Prefixes still make sense as unique identifiers for certain parts of the set. The bundle system perfectly fits to my intial ideas about modules. When you install a bundle, krita creates a tag, identical to the bundles title. Like every tag, this appears in the popup palette for quickly selecting the associated presets.

It was logical, to limit the amount of presets in a bundle, so that they fit into the popup palette with enough room for each preset to be identified easily (~ 14 presets/bundle).

Naming, Prefixes and Sorting

With the prefixes, that look a little bit like cryptic code, you are able to display any subcategory alone or in conjunction with any other (sub-)categories, by using the filter function.

Every preset file and brushname starts with “vb” (global prefix). The set is then roughly sorted into 3 main categories:

  1. Digital
  2. Traditional
  3. Environment

Subcategories start with capital letters and are bundled together so that you can seperately activate/install every subset of the brushset with Krita’s resource manager. The last letter arranges the presets in a logical order by using the default A-Z sorting mechanism.

For every version i have made a “Cheat Sheet” with all subset-shortcodes for quick reference (included in the download).

Other abbrevations used in the brushnames:

  • OP = Opacity (active Pressure-Opacity Curve)
  • (T) = Pen Tilt Sensor
  • Tex = Textured
Combine subsets by using a comma-seperated list of shortcodes!

Brushicons explained

All presets with a blue stroke use some sort of color smudging, while presets with a purple stroke, additionally use a “color rate” setting (color mixing). The smudge mode, dulling or smearing, is indicated by an icon in the top left corner.

Brushicons explained

Presets using Pen Tilt: This only works, if your graphic tablet is equipped with a tilt sensor. Mostly it’s just an additional feature for more control and not essential for the basic usage of these presets.


Installing the complete set
  • Download all bundle files (zip-archiv)
  • Unzip the Archive File
  • Open the Resource Manager in Krita (Menu » Settings » Manage Resources…)
  • Choose “Open Resource Folder”
  • Copy all previousely unzipped files that end with “.bundle” to the resource folder called “bundles”
  • Restart Krita to load the files for the first time
Installing a single bundle
  • Download the bundle(s) you like to install from my dropbox
  • Open the Resource Manager in Krita (Menu » Settings » Manage Resources…)
  • Choose “Import Bundle/Resource”
  • Browse to the download location on your harddrive and select the file(s) to import
Installing old versions
  • Download the version you like to use from my dropbox
  • Unzip the Archive File
  • Open the Resource Manager in Krita (Menu » Settings » Manage Resources…)
  • from the unzipped files copy the content of following folders (if present) to the identically named resource folders: “brushes”, “patterns”, “paintoppresets”

Additional Notes

  • Bundle files are in fact zip archives: you can unzip them like any other archive to modify files or install only parts of a bundle
  • You can download single presets from the Gallery. Just save the image as “.kpp” and copy it to the paintoppresets folder. This works only for presets that do not use a predefined brush tip (seperate brushfile needed).


  • the set now makes use of krita’s resource manager (bundles)
  • reorganized categories: every bundle matches one category and contains ~6-14 presets (presets of one bundle/category should fit into the popup-palette for quick access)
  • fixed presets that unintentionaly used the flow sensor
  • tweaked flow settings for all other prestes
  • reintroduced oilbrushes from v3.0 that were broken due to the overhaul of krita’s smudge engine
  • replaced some textured brushes (chalk) with more versatile textured paint brushes
  • removed some FX presets (blendmodes): you can quickly set the blendmode on any suitable preset (eg airbrush, softbrush) to achieve the same effects
  • reorganized categories
  • removed presets with high similarity to default ones and some that were too specialized to fit into the Set
  • included presets from the “Krita Watercolor Set”
  • added (discreet) tilt sensor to 23 presets
  • tweaked all presets according to the changes in Krita 2.8
  • tweaked traditional media brushes
  • changed brushtips to use an autobrush whereever it is possible
  • complete rework of the brushpreviews
  • added some adjustment/filter tools
  • tweaked airbrushes with blendmodes
  • 48 new presets: 3 Markers, 2 Knifes, 3 Hairy presets, 2 Pencils (2H, 2B), 7 Oilbrushes, 3 Blend/Dulling Brushes, Bevel/Folds Brushes and more…
  • Added/Changed some Spraypresets
  • improved brushpreviews
  • tweaked size sensor on some presets
  • adjusted brushpreviews (reduced saturation)
  • removed presets that were too specialized to fit into the set
  • changed sorting and naming of the presets
  • splitted the set in 2 Editions
  • initial release…

License Stuff

The Modular Brushset as a complete and standing alone work is free of any copyright. Any licensed materials included in this work are untouched by this. Resources used in the Modular Brushset, that are licensed under CC-BY-SA (3.0):

used in:

  • “vb2BF_Tex_Small_Eroded.kpp” (pattern)
  • “vb2CO_Bristle_Blend_T.kpp” (pattern)
  • “vb3DA_Branches.kpp” (brush)
  • “vb3DD_Foliage_T.kpp” (brush)

All other included resources, are free of copyrights or the authors have waived any copyright and or related neighboring rights from their works (CC-0). Many thanks to the following authors, for making their work freely available, that way:


To the extent possible under law, Vasco Basque´ has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Modular Brushset. This work is published from: Germany.