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Vasco Alexander Basque´
Digital Art, IT, Coding, Linux, Medicine, Philosophy & Politics, Pen & Paper Rpg

Hello, my name is Vasco Alexander Basque´ and i am 38 years old. I am a tech geek and IT enthusiast, with a fable for Art, Design and everything aesthetical. I am living in germany in one of the most densely populated areas of europe (Ruhrgebiet).

I studied medicine, for many years, but things went wrong in my life and I couldn’t finish the academic education. So I searched for alternatives and followed my interests, to gain new skills in other fields.

My passion for art and design, combined with a high affinity to computers, brought me to digital painting. Mainly I use open source software, like Gimp, MyPaint or Krita with a Wacom Graphic Tablet (Intuos Pro Series). Last year i decided to write my own website and started to learn the needed skills for this new task. Now, this project is mostly finished and i can focus more on improving my painting skills and the writing of, hopefully, interesting articles for this site.