When i made my own brush sets, i wanted to keep my stuff free of any license headaches.. and so i have created lots of images for my own usage. Most of them are handmade with ink, graphite or charcoal and then scanned and post processed.

Over the time this library has grown and i started to categorize and sort the images, to quickly search for suitable brushes. From my own work, i have learned how difficult it can be, to find appropriate images to create brushes, that are (clearly) free of copyrights. Therefore i decided to release this resource to public domain.


  • free to use without any restricitions (CC-0)
  • 1000 images available in PNG or GBR Format
  • all sorted in categories to quickily find a suitable brush
  • lots of scanned images of real traditional media like ink, acryl, graphite or charcoal

To the extent possible under law, Vasco Basque´ has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Brush Collection. This work is published from: Germany.