Gimp Painter is a fork of Gimp. It is more focused on graphic tablet users and offers additional tools and various other improvements for digital painting. In other words it’s a special flavor of Gimp as a standalone application - not an extension or plugin for the original. This fork has coexisted since version 2.4 of Gimp and was created and maintained by a japanese developer (seagetch; @github).

The developer tries to keep the code in sync with the changes that are made to gimp. Therefore there are several versions of Gimp Painter matching the major versions of Gimp. The Source Code of Gimp Painter is hosted on Github with a branch for each version:

Gimp Painter Repository


Thanks to some nice guys compiling builds for windows and linux, Gimp Painter is not difficult to install. These builds have all dependencies included. That means that no system-wide installation is needed. I have tested the 64bit versions for Windows 7 and OpenSuse 13.2 without any major issues.


For windows it works similar to a portable application. After unzipping the archive you can save the files anywhere you want even on an USB Stick. Configuration files and custom stuff is stored in the program’s directory in the “.gimp-2.8” folder.

Windows 32-/64bit builds at sourceforge


On Linux you have to copy the unzipped folder to “/opt/” and change the file permissions, before you can execute the gimp painter binary located in the “/bin/” folder (detailed instructions are included in the download).

Linux 64bit build compiled by Santiago Vazquez

Key Features

Gimp Painter Features

  • Integrated MyPaint Brushengine with own settings
  • MyPaint Brushsets
  • Textured Brushes
  • Many UI Improvements
  • and much more…

The Screenshot below shows the Gimp Painter Interface with a custom theme from (GIMP Theme Project 2.8: CS6-black-1)

Gimp Painter on Windows 7 with a custom theme

This Article has been updated on 14.Jul 2015

Gimp Painter 2.8